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KNX scenarios/events module It can be used in a KNX system for saving and recalling scenarios/ events. Main functions: Programming and recalling of 8 scenarios including up to 8 different actuations - Management of data types from 1 bit to 14 bytes - Saving and recalling of scenarios through 1 bit activation commands, or 8 bit scenario telegrams - Variable time delay for the forwarding of telegrams from 0 to 30 minutes, upon recalling of a scenario - Programming and recalling of up to 8 different events consisting of up to 10 activities maximum - Possibility of activation of events, based on reference values or conditions - Variable time delay from 0 to 120 minutes for each event Bus connection using a red-black KNX connector. Supply voltage SELV 29 Vdc from KNX bus. Fitting on DIN rail. Size 1 DIN module.

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We, BTicino S.p.A Viale Borri 231 21100 Varese (Italy), declare that all items listed in BTicino catalogues, have been manufactured in compliance with the principal elements of safety objectives of European Directive said LVD: 2014/35/EU: 26 February 2014 and, where requested, also in compliance with essential protection requirements of electromagnetic compatibility according to European Directive 2014/30/EU: 26 February 2014, and/or where requested also in compliance with 1995/5/CE: 9 March 1999 “R&TTE” or where requested also in compliance with 2014/53/EU: 16 April 2014 “RED”. BTicino S.p.A. products are in compliance with the standard published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The compliance can be proved by Certificates issued by organizations recognized by IEC according to the CB-scheme. Our items comply with relevant European Product- Standards and show, whether provided, CE marking, they have been constructed in accordance with good engineering practice in safety matters in force in the Community, they do not endanger the safety of persons, domestic animals or property when properly installed and maintained and used in applications for which they were made.
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